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Our Artworks

At Indigo Art we pride ourselves on providing you with choice, quality and excellent service, excelling your expectations.

We love to hear how our artworks have impacted our customers' walls.

Let us know about your experience via our contact form or by email at

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Our Artists, Your Choice

We work with a range of carefully selected artists, each skilled in either fine art drawing or photography and with a specialist subject matter or medium.

We are delighted to be able to support our artists and their work, by showcasing  across the globe.

Our Artists

Sustainable Materials

All of the materials that we use for print, framing and packaging are carefully selected to ensure they are environmentally friendly and sustainably sourced.

From the 230gsm conservation premium heavy matt coated paper, the premium 260gsm bright white conservation paper, or the FSC certified frame hard wood, we ask the questions of our suppliers to ensure they meet our own standards and expectations.

We want you to have artwork that creates positive impact in your home or office as well as on our planet.Sustainable Materials


From Order to Artwork

We have run our business for over 45 years, supplying artwork across the globe to hotels, bars, cruise ships and stately homes, so we know what we're doing!

Our process has been enhanced and fine tuned to ensure every order, whether it be a gallery for a customer's home office or a million £ refurbishment project, has the same treatment and the same well established, efficient and smooth process we always use.

Every order that comes in to our factory is checked by our Production Manager to ensure all the information is correct and included before it is put in to our planning system and passed on to the production team.

The order is then prepared simultaneously within relevant departments; printing, glass & board cutting, frame production, mount production and creation team, where the final artwork is fully assembled.

Order To Artwork


Quality is Key

At each stage of the process, our quality control team check the order requirements, the quality of the build and the output, so we can be absolutely confident that the order that leaves our factory is of the highest possible standard.

Given we've been in the industry for over 45 years, we're confident that our quality and efficiency beats the market hands down.Quality Is Key