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Tessa Walliman

Based in Brighton, Tessa Walliman is a fine artist printmaker and graphic artist, producing abstract works on paper which are mostly made up of monotype prints, using thick acrylic plates. Monotypes are known as the most painterly of printmaking techniques, and are essentially 'printed paintings'. By combining printed inks and paper with printmaking, painting and drawing mediums, the resulting translucency creates a unique quality of light and spontaneity - and a surface that is unlike any other art. Inspired by nature and the changing seasons, Tessa says; 'My images are abstract, and by using vibrant colours and bold forms my prints are open and suggestive, but remain strong and harmonious in the use of colour, line and texture. Through producing monotypes with sensitive use of colours and shape, I create pieces which are both calming and energising'. Tessa has exhibited throughout the UK and Europe, and she continues to explore printmaking techniques, embossing and collage in her work.