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Lesley Whelan

Lesley Whelan is a contemporary British Artist based in Coventry, UK. Her fascination with the colours, patterns and textures found in the natural world is evident in the work she is currently producing. She uses heat to distress the work surface giving a dramatic, highly textured and almost sculptural effect. She then adds light and colour by building up layers of paint, using colour in an arbitrary way to express mood and inject feeling. She explains, 'I am fascinated by the regularities of form found in the living and non-living world and how these reoccur in different contexts - there seems to be a universal influence on the patterns we see in nature and much of my work tries to communicate this'.

Lesley has a long history of commission-based projects, and her work is sold in galleries throughout the UK, held in corporate and public collections in Ireland, USA, Canada, Dubai, South Africa and Australia.