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Ken Skehan

Ken's interest in photography had been merely as an admirer of great pictures until 2005, when the opportunity to trek to Everest Base Camp arose. He was inspired to try to capture the awe-inspiring splendour of the Himalaya. Ken's first exhibition took place over two nights and secured orders for 53 framed prints.

Working now as a commercial photographer and photojournalist, Ken always attempts to produce images of some artistic merit in his pictures.
Flying over The Great Barrier Reef in a small plane sparked the idea to create a collection of Natural Abstract artworks created from subjects spotted in nature. Sometimes Mother Nature's extraordinary work needs little help to achieve the objective, as with the images of the Barrier Reef.
In the wider collection, sometimes the subject matter itself, or prevailing weather and lighting conditions, makes more imaginative use of technology necessary to create saleable images. Ken unashamedly uses software to alter one or more of tone, colour and light, and/or apply varying degrees and combinations of creative filters, to produce his artworks - just like photographers down the ages have always done in the dark room.