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Estella Scholes

Estella Scholes is a professional contemporary artist based in Crewe. Her work is exhibited widely in the North West and Wales, and can be found in public and private collections as far away as Norway and Qatar. Many of her references are gathered from direct observation along the shorelines in North Wales, in particular the Llyn Peninsula. Evidence of an almost vanished industrial past can be found, in intriguing bits of old jetties, rusted metal and other manmade debris, amongst the stones and more familiar beach treasures. She is intrigued by the ambiguity of natural and manmade forms, eroded almost to abstraction by the elements.
Estella's printmaking work includes both intaglio and relief techniques, with each printing plate inked individually so that no two can ever be the same. The various processes of addition, subtraction and final surrender of the concept to the alchemy of ink, damp paper and etching process, echo the natural processes at work on the coastline.