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Douglas Black

Born (1974) in Cape Town, South Africa, Douglas has moved around a bit, living at over 20 addresses in 4 countries and on 3 continents. His ongoing interest in travel and photography were encouraged from a young age . 

Douglas later qualified as an Architect, working in South Africa and the United Kingdom. More recently he began to focus on his photography with increased attention. Douglas primarily spends time shooting alternative & conceptual stock images for select Agencies as well as creating fine art prints.

Although his work is constantly evolving, the themes of movement, abstraction and light are continually being explored - irrespective of subject - with his new work being increasingly layered, considered and interesting.

Douglas’ photography has featured on numerous book covers and magazines, with photographs sold to private buyers and used in various commercial interiors.

Now living in Australia, Douglas has been a contributing artist to the Indigo Art collection since 2004.